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You can laugh at SDS worries – if you have
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Access safety data sheets in 25 languages anytime, anwhere with one secure login. ChemiusExpert takes care of your SDSs, labels and safety instructions 24/7. So you can focus on more important things in life.

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Bens Consulting provides professional, flexible, reliable and diligent partners, because Bens Consulting team does everything for us.
Uroš Lipovšek, CEO
I recommend your company to each potential client, since your company excels in professionalism and flexibility, thus providing simple solutions in the shortest time possible.
Janez Brajnik, Sales representative
Let me thank you sincerely for your expertise, honesty and sincerity. I was quite pleasantly surprised by your dedication to listen to ideas and suggestions.
Ljuba Eržen, CEO

Always updated, always available.

Ready when you need it.

Everybody in your organization can access the same information at the same time. Just login and you are ready to play with your chemical documentation. Whether you’re at home, on the go or in the privacy of your office. You can share, print or just review your documents in 25 languages. All with accuracy, speed and ease.

Your SDSs never go out of date.

Whenever you open it, you have last valid SDS, label and safety instruction waiting for you. All changes – legal or formulation – are done on a daily basis and without disrupting you. And above all, your partners, chemical inspectors and ISO standard controllers love it, because you give them immediate access to up-to-date documentation – anytime, anywhere.

Impressively easy to use.

Product details
SDS validity
H and P phrases
SDS created

See any detail immediately.

Now, you can easily follow all your SDSs, see the level of danger (without opening each individual SDS), last valid SDSs, ADR category or warehouse category. Every detail is displayed in a natural and transparent way. So you can finally get the whole picture.

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All languages in one place.

You have documentation available in any of the 25 EU languages. These SDS aren’t just translated. They’re adjusted to fit the rules and regulations of local authorities. No more time-consuming searching and chasing the right person in other country to give you the last valid SDS. You can have access to 25 countries with a touch of a button.

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Lightning Fast Search.

Find what you are looking for in seconds. Simply type your keywords into the search field and see all the results instantly. Then you can choose the relevant SDS, label or safety instruction and use it the way feel fit. You can use filters in all categories giving you endless possibilities and ways on looking on your data.

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Increase your prestige and ability to get things done.

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Flexibility you need & want.

One SDS, multiple product names.

Maybe you sell or think of selling one product under several product names. Or you even have one product that you market under several different product names - and you have different distributor for each of these product names.

One of our clients has 74 (yes 74) product names for one product. And jet they pay only for one SDS. Imagine savings you get from that option - paying only for one instead of 74 SDS. That's money directly in your pocket.

Make it feel right for you.

Everybody in your organization can access the same information, at the same time, from any location. And jet you’re not limited to what you see. You simply customize it to see information you need and want.

Take care of everybody – once and for all.

Sharing and keeping your partners up-to-date with chemical documentation is now a child’s play. Just send them SDSs in a way you like – and don’t worry about the updates. You’ve already done it. How? By sending SDSs from Chemius. That’s because your documents are connected to secured database giving your recipients secure access to the latest valid SDSs.

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Labels as your SDSs.

Now labels ARE your chemical documentation.

Every label is automatically connected to its SDS to prevent human errors. What’s more, every label can have a QR (Quick response) code on it. By scanning the code you always have access to the last valid version of SDS and safety instruction. If your client, chemical inspector, ISO controller or a doctor needs SDS, she can simply scan the QR code on the product. Every time they scan it they instantly receive updated and valid SDS, label and safety instruction.

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Have fun with labels.

Whether you need CLP, single or multiple language labels prepared for packaging of your choice, with or without QR code, UN number, risk or hazard statements, Chemius can help. In just a few clicks you can create labels fitting your expectations and needs. Furthermore, you can save them, share, print or order them. All without losing any time at all.

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More about Chemius software

Be in full control at all times.

You can enjoy the results while we do the hard work for you. And since real experts are doing the job you can simply call for additional opinion or practical advice.

This makes sure you not only get the highest quality chemical documentation we can possibly make but also giving you a quick and accurate answer in shortest time possible.

How this service came to life – and why?

Before Chemius, I spent countless nights literally at my kitchen table doing and redoing SDSs in Word. It was at around 100 SDS that it hit me.

These static SDSs I made in Word or PDF can't follow legislation or recepture changes, are difficult to share with anybody and are pain to store or keep track off.

It was a long tiresome process that's not immune to mistakes. And it was then I realized I had to do something to help me and my clients. So I went to visit them. To hear their stories. To collect their expectations, wants and needs.

It was in May 2002 I finally knew in detail what my clients wanted. To my surprise It was something I wanted for myself as well - SDS management system that would free time and enable them to use their talent and passion in a way they truly wanted. At the same time they need SDS management system that is really well build and it's easy to use.

From this shared pain my mission was born. I want to create a SDS service that would enable professionals from all parts of chemical industry to do big important things while not being choaked by chemical documentation.

And it was in 2006 - four years of never ending developing and testing - when we launched ChemiusExpert.

Today our entire business relies on ChemiusExpert – we create, translate, manage and share chemical documentation with it. And it helps you free your valuable time and use your talent in a better way.

With this lies our guarantee: You'll get the highest quality chemical documentation we can possibly make as well as service that values your time and respects your talent.

That's why for us there is only one measurement that counts at the end. It's your answer to the following question:

Would you recommend us to your friend after seeking our help? Or did we let you down?

You see, we believe that the best service comes from exceeding your expectations. Simple goal but not easy to achieve.

Bojan Buinac CEO & founder of BENS Consulting


Worry-free service.

Unparalleled worry-free GUARANTEE!

Local support of our franchisee's and external partners enables you to have your SDSs daily adjusted to local as well as EU regulations.

And even if you receive some comments from local authorities we will update SDSs accordingly and with no extra costs for you. You can be 100% certain as ChemiusExpert provides accurate information.

Bank level security for your data.

We use 2048 bit certificate and support 128 bit bank grade SSL encryption on every page so you're always protected. Our storage infrastructure is highly durable and fault tolerant.

That means that every file is written to multiple locations to prevent data loss. Our databases are regularly tested by professionals, who help banks, to ensure ChemiusExpert is bullet proof against unwanted hackers' attacks.

Capitalize on real-expert's know-how.

You can laugh at SDS worries - if you have ChemiusExpert service.

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