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All SDS updates – legal or formulation changes – are included. So there are no unexpected or hidden costs.

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Get one CLP SDS for FREE
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ChemiusExpert is already doing all these great things for professionals in more than 300 companies in 12 countries.

"If you are searching for a reliable partner that will substantially simplify all documentation-related processes and listen to your needs, then I strongly recommend Bens Consulting."
Primož Juhart, CEO, Juvi d.o.o.

"The work was done in an extremely short time interval, thus enabling us a rapid launch in the market and undisturbed operations. "
Ivan Sodnik, CEO, Valter d.o.o.

"With their professional conduct and fast responsiveness they efficiently assist our company and our activity."
Iztok Brglez, CEO, Overlack d.o.o.

Get one CLP SDS for FREE
safe & with no obligations

Delivering an experience you would fall in love with

That's our mission. It's that simple.

Before Chemius, I spent countless nights literally at my kitchen table doing and redoing SDSs in Word. It was at around 100 SDS that it hit me.

These static SDSs I made in Word or PDF can't follow legislation or recepture changes, are difficult to share with anybody and are pain to store or keep track off.

It was a long tiresome process that's not immune to mistakes. And it was then I realized I had to do something to help me and my clients. So I went to visit them. To hear their stories. To collect their expectations, wants and needs.

It was in May 2002 I finally knew in detail what my clients wanted. To my surprise It was something I wanted for myself as well - SDS management system that would free time and enable them to use their talent and passion in a way they truly wanted. At the same time they need SDS management system that is really well build and it's easy to use.

From this shared pain my mission was born. I want to create a SDS service that would enable professionals from all parts of chemical industry to do big important things while not being choaked by chemical documentation.

And it was in 2006 - four years of never ending developing and testing - when we launched ChemiusExpert.

Today our entire business relies on ChemiusExpert – we create, translate, manage and share chemical documentation with it. And it helps you free your valuable time and use your talent in a better way.

With this lies our guarantee: You'll get the highest quality chemical documentation we can possibly make as well as service that values your time and respects your talent.

That's why for us there is only one measurement that counts at the end. It's your answer to the following question:

Would you recommend us to your friend after seeking our help? Or did we let you down?

You see, we believe that the best service comes from exceeding your expectations. Simple goal but not easy to achieve.

Bojan Buinac CEO & founder of BENS Consulting


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Get one CLP SDS for FREE
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